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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

sehrish irum fraud

Report to FIA against Miss Sehrish Irum 

self proclaimed Prestigious HR Manager

Miss Sehrish Irum self proclaimed Prestigious HR Manager
This is a report filed by Smonte Technologies.
I also have other evidence that I have gathered during my research, which I will also publish on this blog in coming days.
Sit tight guys there is a lot of interesting stuff it’ll make you fall off your chair.

Currently she is on a crusade on defaming different companies. She has created accounts on LinkedIn with the name Mahreen Khan, Rubab Ghani, Zara Yamin, Maryam Imran etc etc
She has been fired from different companies Below are there names and numbers, anyone can call and confirm from these companies about her.
Vopium : +924236316491
Semantic Notion : +924235841239
Smonte Technologies : +924236666776
This is her profile